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周丹丹教授/博导,东北师范大学环境学院污水生物处理与生物质资源化研究方向带头人。国际水协会(IWA)会员,国际水协会中国青年委员会会员。近年来承担了国家自然科学基金(3 项)、吉林省科技厅重大项目等多项国家级与省部级项目。在废水生物处理新方法与新技术、水处理工艺中生物自凝聚机制、废水处理与生物质资源化耦合技术等方面,以第一或通讯作者在Environ. Sci. Technol., Bioresource Technol., Appl. Microbiol.Biotechnol. 等期刊发表或录用SCI 收录论文近30篇,EI 收录论文10 余篇,授权发明专利3 项。2012年被评为吉林省首批优秀春苗人才,吉林省优秀博士后,列入吉林大学国家优秀青年科学基金后备人选培育计划;2014 年列入吉林大学优秀青年教师培养计划(重点培养阶段),获吉林省自然科学学术成果二等奖和三等奖各1 项;国际埃尼奖(Eni-Award)提名。2015 年以高端人才引进到东北师范大学环境学院任职。


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  • 污染控制微生物+实验
  • 环境工程微生物学

科研信息 (数据来源:科学技术处、社会科学处)

  • 项目:
  • 1. 一种基于共代谢手段光催化-生物直接耦合体系处理抗生素废水的方法和一种光催化-生物降解直接耦合降解抗生素废水的数值模拟方法及其应用专利的许可,2021年
  • 2. 吉林省水污染控制与资源化工程实验室,2020年
  • 3. 丝状菌性污泥膨胀发生的胞间通讯机制与阻断策略,2020年
  • 4. 寒区特色城市污水处理自主创新研究,2020年
  • 5. 2018年未来核心水技术研究与应用学术研讨会,2018年
  • 6. 废水生物处理与资源化,2017年
  • 7. 基于光催化-生物降解直接耦合作用强化四环素废水降解与矿化的效能与途径,2017年
  • 8. 光催化-生物直接耦合燃料电池研发及废水能源化效能与机制,2016年
  • 9. 贫氮环境藻菌胞间通讯特征及其在有机废水生物质能源转化中的作用,2016年
  • 10. 氮饥饿胁迫下有机废水培养富油藻-菌生物颗粒的机制与调控,2015年
  • 论文:
  • 1. Phosphorus supply via a fed-batch strategy improves lipid heterotrophic production of Chlorella regularis,ENVIRON SCI POLLUT R,2020年
  • 2. Promoting Chlorella photosynthesis and bioresource production using directionally prepared carbon dots with tunable emission,J COLLOID INTERF SCI,2020年
  • 3. Eliminating partial-transformation products and mitigating residual toxicity of amoxicillin through intimately coupled photocatalysis and biodegradation,CHEMOSPHERE,2019年
  • 4. Co-substrate strategy for improved power production and chlorophenol degradation in a microbial fuel cell,INT J HYDROGEN ENERG,2019年
  • 5. Hormesis effects of phosphorus on the viability of Chlorella regularis cells under nitrogen limitation,BIOTECHNOLOGY FOR BIOFUELS,2019年
  • 6. Exogenous refractory protein enhances biofilm formation by altering the quorum sensing system: A potential hazard of soluble microbial proteins from WWTP effluent,SCI TOTAL ENVIRON,2019年
  • 7. Mass transfer affects reactor performance, microbial morphology, and community succession in the methane-dependent denitrification and anaerobic ammonium oxidation co-culture,SCI TOTAL ENVIRON,2019年
  • 8. Degradation of organic pollutants by anaerobic methane-oxidizing microorganisms using methyl orange as example,J HAZARD MATER,2019年
  • 9. Bioelectricity generation using microalgal biomass as electron donor in a bio-anode microbial fuel cell,BIORESOURCE TECHNOL,2018年
  • 10. Excessive phosphorus caused inhibition and cell damage during heterotrophic growth of Chlorella regularis,BIORESOURCE TECHNOL,2018年
  • 11. 金属离子对微生物燃料电池产电性能影响的研究进展,四川环境,2018年
  • 12. Enhancing chlorophenol biodegradation: Using a co-substrate strategy to resist photo-H2O2 stress in a photocatalytic-biological reactor,CHEM ENG J,2018年
  • 13. Model-based evaluation of tetracycline hydrochloride removal and mineralization in an intimately coupled photocatalysis and biodegradation reactor,CHEM ENG J,2018年
  • 14. Acceleration of saturated porous media clogging and silicon dissolution due to low concentrations of Al(III) in the recharge of reclaimed water,WATER RES,2018年
  • 15. Hydrothermal synthesis of a magnetic adsorbent from wasted iron mud for effective removal of heavy metals from smelting wastewater,ENVIRON SCI POLLUT R,2018年
  • 16. Quorum sensing molecules in activated sludge could trigger microalgae lipid synthesis,BIORESOURCE TECHNOL,2018年
  • 17. Low concentrations of Al(III) accelerate the formation of biofilm: Multiple effects of hormesis and flocculation,SCI TOTAL ENVIRON,2018年
  • 18. Roles of an easily biodegradable co-substrate in enhancing tetracycline treatment in an intimately coupled photocatalyticbiological reactor,WATER RES,2018年
  • 19. Photocatalytic-induced electron transfer via anode-respiring bacteria (ARB) at an anode that intimately couples ARB and a TiO2 photocatalyst,CHEM ENG J,2018年
  • 20. Different transport behaviors of Bacillus subtilis cells and spores in saturated porous media: Implications for contamination risks associated with bacterial sporulation in aquifer,COLLOID SURFACE B,2018年
  • 21. Photocatalytic removal organic matter and bacteria simultaneously from real WWTP effluent with power generation concomitantly: Using an Er-Al-ZnO photo-anode,SEP PURIF TECHNOL,2018年
  • 22. Cupriavidus gilardii CR3 全基因组双组份系统鉴定和生物信息学分析,基因组学与应用生物学,2017年
  • 23. Contrasting roles of phenol and pyrocatechol on the degradation of 4-chlorophenol in a photocatalytic-biological reactor,ENVIRON SCI POLLUT R,2017年
  • 24. Excessive phosphorus enhances Chlorella regularis lipid production under nitrogen starvation stress during glucose heterotrophic cultivation,CHEM ENG J,2017年
  • 25. Construction of Er(3+):YAlO3 /RGO/TiO2 Hybrid Electrode With Enhanced Photoelectrocatalytic Performance in Methylene Blue Degradation Under Visible Light,PHOTOCHEM PHOTOBIOL,2017年
  • 26. Preparation of sponge carrier supported photocatalyst by self-assembly technique for phenol photodegradation in visible light,MOLECULAR CATALYSIS,2017年
  • 27. Bioremoval of Cu2+ from CMP wastewater by a novel copper-resistant bacterium Cupriavidus gilardii CR3: characteristics and mechanisms,RSC ADVANCES,2017年
  • 28. Carbon nanodots/WO3 nanorods Z-scheme composites: Remarkably enhanced photocatalytic performance under broad spectrum,APPL CATAL B-ENVIRON,2017年
  • 29. Bioresources inner-recycling between bioflocculation of Microcystis aeruginosa and its reutilization as a substrate for bioflocculant production,SCIENTIFIC REPORTS,2017年
  • 30. Intimate coupling of an N-doped TiO2 photocatalyst and anode respiring bacteria for enhancing 4-chlorophenol degradation and current generation,CHEM ENG J,2017年
  • 31. Responses of the Microalga Chlorophyta sp. to Bacterial Quorum Sensing Molecules (N-Acylhomoserine Lactones): Aromatic Protein-Induced Self-Aggregation,ENVIRON SCI TECHNOL,2017年
  • 32. Characterization of a novel micro-pressure swirl reactor for removal of chemical oxygen demand and total nitrogen from domestic wastewater at low temperature,BIODEGRADATION,2017年
  • 33. Enhancing degradation and mineralization of tetracycline using intimately coupled photocatalysis and biodegradation(ICPB),CHEM ENG J,2017年
  • 34. Electricity generation from swine wastewater in microbial fuel cell: Hydraulic reaction time effect,INT J HYDROGEN ENERG,2016年
  • 35. Identifying the role of reactive oxygen species (ROSs) in Fusarium solani spores inactivation,AMB EXPRESS,2016年
  • 36. Klebsiella pneumoniae metabolites enhance Microcystis aeruginosa biomass flocculation,CHEM ECOL,2016年
  • 37. Facile growth and composition-dependent photocatalytic activity of flowerlike BiOCl1-xBrxhierarchical microspheres,APPL SURF SCI,2016年
  • 38. Removal of multi-dye wastewater by the novel integrated adsorption and Fenton oxidation process in a fluidized bed reactor,ENVIRON SCI POLLUT R,2016年
  • 39. Characteristics and kinetics simulation of controlled-release KMnO4 for phenol remediation,WATER SCI TECHNOL,2016年
  • 40. Ethane-bridged organosilica nanotubes functionalized with arenesulfonic acid and phenyl groups for the efficient conversion of levulinic acid or furfuryl alcohol to ethyl levulinate,CHEMCATCHEM,2016年
  • 41. The effectiveness of coagulation for water reclamation from a wastewater treatment plant that has a long hydraulic and sludge retention times: A case study,CHEMOSPHERE,2016年
  • 42. Synergistic effect and mechanisms of compound bioflocculant and AlCl3 salts on enhancing Chlorella regularis harvesting,APPL MICROBIOL BIOT,2016年
  • 43. Design of a Highly Efficient Indium-Exchanged Heteropolytungstic Acid for Glycerol Esterification with Acetic Acid,CATAL SURV ASIA,2016年
  • 44. The role of starvation in biomass harvesting and lipid accumulation: Co-culture of microalgae-bacteria in synthetic wastewater,ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRESS & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY,2016年
  • 45. Response to Comment on "Intimate Coupling of Photocatalysis and Biodegradation for Degrading Phenol Using Different Light Types: Visible Light vs UV Light",ENVIRON SCI TECHNOL,2015年
  • 46. Phenol removal and biofilm response in coupling of visible-light-driven photocatalysis and biodegradation: Effect of hydrothermal treatment temperature,INT BIODETER BIODEGR,2015年
  • 47. Synthesis of Er3+:Al2O3-doped and rutile-dominant TiO2 composite with increased responsive wavelength range and enhanced photocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation,J MOL CATAL A-CHEM,2015年
  • 48. Intimate Coupling of Photocatalysis and Biodegradation for Degrading Phenol Using Different Light Types: Visible Light vs UV Light,ENVIRON SCI TECHNOL,2015年
  • 49. Improving oxygen dissolution and distribution in a bioreactor with enhanced simultaneous COD and nitrogen removal by simply introducing micro-pressure and swirl,APPL MICROBIOL BIOT,2015年
  • 50. Optimization of Chlorella vulgaris and bioflocculantproducing bacteria co-culture: enhancing microalgae harvesting and lipid content,LETT APPL MICROBIOL,2015年
  • 51. Granulation, control of bacterial contamination, and enhanced lipid accumulation by driving nutrient starvation in coupled wastewater treatment and Chlorella regularis cultivation,APPL MICROBIOL BIOT,2015年
  • 专利:
  • 一种地下水厂铁泥资源化利用的方法 2020-05-05
  • 一种光催化-生物降解直接耦合降解抗生素废水的数值模拟方法及其应用 2020-04-21
  • 一种同时提高生物量和油脂含量的微藻异养培养方法 2019-11-19
  • 一种基于共代谢手段光催化-生物直接耦合体系处理抗生素废水的方法 2019-10-08